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Image for Diablo or How I Met My Wife (CD)

Diablo or How I Met My Wife (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $12.95

Seller Id: 91

Two stories to lighten your day and make you giggle. The title story is about how Bil met his wife, Paula. This is one of the truest stories Bil tells, though admittedly that ain’t sayin much. The first thing Paula did when she met was Bil was try to maim him by putting him on the back of a horse named Diablo. To be fair, a lot of people consider maiming Bil when they first meet him. Bil, seldom referred to as an expert equestrian, does his best to stay on the b... View more info

Image for Egg Babies (CD)

Egg Babies (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $12.95

Seller Id: 92

From the scrambled mind of West Virginia’s favorite storyteller comes three new stories to delight and entertain audiences of all ages. In Egg Babies, Bil and his high school classmates learn responsible parenting by carrying eggs for three weeks while Bil has to carry a sack of flour when the teacher runs out of eggs. In I Love My Dentist, comedy and laughter ensues when Bil is left alone in a dentist office without a professional supervision. Corn Maz... View more info

Image for Teacher in the Patriotic Bathing Suit (CD)

Teacher in the Patriotic Bathing Suit (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $12.95

Seller Id: 94

CD, Running time 52:12. Bil Lepp has traveled the country performing his sidesplitting tales and was awarded the Parents' Choice Approval Award for his CD, Teacher in the Patriotic Bathing Suit. Bil will delight fans as he and his fourth grade classmates try to trick their teacher into revealing her true superhero identity and the hiding place of her invisible jet. CD contains four stories to delight fans of all ages. View more info

Image for Mayhem Dressed Like an Eight Point Buck (CD)

Mayhem Dressed Like an Eight Point Buck (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $12.95

Seller Id: 95

Recorded live in Beckley, West Virginia, the recording includes seven tall tales, some new, some taken from his last book, Inept Impaired and Overwhelmed. Running time is over 67 minutes. "With Lepp, the sorry, the low-down lie, becomes a grand and glorious creation, a verbal sculpture in which a hundred small fibs, stretchers, falsehoods and prevarications are piled together, shaped and molded into one stunning, awe-inspiring cathedral of flapdoodle and bu... View more info

Image for Vampire Santa (CD)

Vampire Santa (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $12.95

Seller Id: 96

Recorded live, this hilarious collection of stories weaves together a series of tall tales that move seamlessly through creative ways to strike matches, the benefits of a more viscous water balloon, stretching cats, subversive reasons to read, and, of course, Vampire Santa. “ He’s absolutely hilarious”—Barbara Smith Decker, National Parenting Awards “ Bil Lepp—think Jeff Foxworthy with the comedic patience of Bill Cosby…It would be very difficul... View more info

Image for Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar (CD)

Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $12.95

Seller Id: 97

[Running time 65:44 minutes]ᅠ Bil Lepp is a nationally acclaimed and award winning storyteller, performing year-round for kids and adults all across the country. His hilarious stories and tall-tales are fun and appropriate for the whole family. About the stories: Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar: Come on? You think of a line like that and you've got to write the story. That's really where it started. I hadn't written a straight tall tale for a while and ... View more info

Image for Great Rope Swing Misadventure (CD)

Great Rope Swing Misadventure (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $12.95

Seller Id: 98

Let award-winning storyteller Bil Lepp delight and entertain you with more of his tall-tales and out-right lies. Stories include Lessons Learned in East Berlin, Unsimple Gifts and The Great Rope Swing Misadventure. Bil is a nationally renowned humorist and has been a featured storyteller at the National Storytelling Festival, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and now the WV Storytelling festival and is a five-time champion of the West Virginia Liars' Co... View more info

Image for Adverse Conditions (CD)

Adverse Conditions (CD)

By: Bil Lepp

Price: $14.95

Seller Id: 99

Bil Lepp is an award winning comedian, storyteller and author. Lepp is the 2014 PEN/Steven Kroll Award for Picture Book Writing recipient for his book The King of Little Things. Bil travels around the country entertaining folks of all ages at conventions, corporate events, banquets, festivals, schools and other functions. A member of the National Storytelling Associations Circle of Excellence and has been performing for over two decades. This CD feature... View more info

Image for My People Was Music (includes CD)

My People Was Music (includes CD)

By: Kirk Judd

Price: $24.95

Publisher: Paperback, 120 pages:

Seller Id: 103

This triple treat is a collection of wonderful mountain poetry, accompanied by a CD of Kirk's spoken word performances. Each poem is paired with beautiful traditional music by well-known West Virginia musicians. The third aspect is the gorgeous B&W photographs by Dave Lambert interspersed with the poems. A wonderful combination sure to delight any reader/listener. About the author: Kirk Judd is a native West Virginian and a long-time performance poet. He has... View more info